Looking after your Parkland Mazda both inside and out is a great idea to ensure your car retains the best possible value when it comes to trade-in time.

Your Mazda has been built to resist the ravages of time with the best paint and materials technology. Preserving and protecting the new look and feel, inside and out, is easy and pleasurable if you follow these handy tips.


Exterior Care

The paintwork on your Parkland Mazda represents the most advanced body protection. However, bird droppings, acid rain and other chemical pollutants can compromise it if left over time.



Always be mindful of any local water restrictions


  • Before washing, remove insects, bird droppings and tree sap with special automotive detergent or sap and bug remover (it’s a good idea to rinse your vehicle to remove loose contaminants and reduce the chances of scratching your paintwork during washing).
  • Thoroughly rinse off using a clean, soft, car wash sponge and clean, lukewarm water. Don’t use a nylon cloth or paper toweling product. If using a bucket of water and automotive detergent be careful to insert sponge only into the top most water of the bucket (the water near the bottom of the bucket is the most dirty from washing).
  • Rub gently when washing or drying. Rinse off soap with clean water. Dry off with a commercially available car chamois. Wash at least once a month, being mindful of any local water restrictions
  • Use only specialty and quality branded automotive detergents. Never use strong detergents i.e. dish washing detergents or any abrasive cleaner.


We recommend hand or brush less washing. Parkland Mazda Perth does not suggest brush type automated car wash facilities as the bristles may be hard and/or contain trapped particles that will damage your cars paintwork.



When water no longer beads on the paintwork, your Parkland Mazda needs waxing.


  • Use a good quality brand wax on all paintwork and chrome trim, coating evenly with a soft cloth or clean specialty wax sponge pad. Dampening (do not over wet) the cloth or sponge pad can make the job a little easier. Buff off with a soft lint-free cloth.
  • If you’re using a spot remover, it will also remove wax. Re-wax these areas afterwards


If your Parkland Mazda is kept undercover, we recommend waxing every 12 months. If it’s constantly outside, waxing every six months will help keep it in good condition.


Alloy wheels

Mazda alloy wheels come with a protective coating. To avoid damaging this, use only a mild soap or neutral detergent with water, applied with a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. You can purchase proprietary alloy wheel cleaning products from your local motoring store. Parkland Mazda Perth do not recommend using these products as they can damage both coated and un-coated alloy wheels.


  • Include the wheels every time you wax your Mazda
  • Regular cleaning reduces carbon build-up that can become difficult to remove with age
  • For extra difficult stains try using a soft cloth dampened lightly with clean water and household kerosene. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.


Tyre Black

Many people like to dress their tyres to improve the look of their car. The best products are a neutral gel type that are wiped on with cloth or sponge. Parkland Mazda Perth recommends avoiding the following types:


  • Spray products as these tend to coat the alloy wheels causing other dirt to stick and become unsightly
  • “Tyre Black” products as fly-off can be unsightly on paintwork and other nearby trim and also be difficult to remove


Be careful not to over-apply product as fly-off can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Less is more and will save you money.


Interior Care

Vacuum the carpet as often as required, ensuring the cabin floor and luggage areas are free of mud and sand and are completely dry. As well as preserving your car’s appearance, this prevents rust developing. Vacuum seats before cleaning.

Fabric seats should be cleaned with a good quality upholstery or carpet cleaner. Remove fresh spots immediately with a fabric spot cleaner (check directions first).


Vinyl, Trim and Leather

Many commercially available products leave a film on the surface which can be greasy, slippery or overly reflective which may be dangerous. Some of these products may be absorbed at a difference rate on some surfaces leaving a patchy look the dash and elsewhere. Mazda does not recommend using these products.


Vinyl and Plastic Trim

Interior trim is best cleaned by gently wiping over with a soft cloth dampened in clean water.


Leather Surfaces

Leather is a natural product and therefore likely to exhibit a range of normal surface variations. This is part of the appeal of using a natural product. Leather is also best cleaned gently with a soft cloth lightly dampened with clean water. If necessary a specialty automotive leather product may assist cleaning and preserving the leather. Always spot test in an inconspicuous area first to determine that the product is suitable. Carefully avoid overuse or slippery products on steering wheels or gear knobs as may compromise your grip and driving safety.


Tinted Glass

Parkland Mazda Perth specifies only the highest quality scratch resistant window tinting products reflecting both heat and glare whilst also improving the presentation of your car. Nonetheless some care is advised when cleaning interior glass surfaces that have been tinted. In most circumstances a lightly dampened soft cloth is all that is necessary to clean tinted glass. Parkland Mazda Perth strictly recommends avoiding the use of household window cleaners especially those which contain ammonia as this is likely to damage the tint.


For further information on caring for your Parkland Mazda don’t hesitate to contact our Car Care Manager on either 08 9232 4500 or carcare@parkland.net.au.