Your Mazda has been manufactured using high quality highly corrosion resistance materials. Your Mazda’s exterior paintwork, inner panel and under body treatment is state of the art however we recognise that some customers especially in coastal or industrial areas wish for additional protection and peace of mind. Unlike applied style products such as fish oil and similar which can leave unsightly marks or be a little on the nose (!) technology provides us with an electronic anti-corrosion device. Easily fitted to your vehicle it provides an improved level of corrosion resistance for all metal components of your Mazda as well as reducing the likelihood of corrosion creeping into painted surface areas damaged by scratches and stone chips.


Paint Shield Protection

The paints used in the manufacture of all Mazda’s are highly resistant to sun, weather and industrial fall-out damage however we recommend regular waxing with a quality product to preserve that new car finish. However for that additional convenience and protection (especially if regularly parked outside, used in industrial areas, under trees/birds etc…) your Mazda will benefit from our paint sealing and protection product. Applied to the entire painted surface of your vehicle this eliminates the needs to regular wax your vehicle. Nonetheless we strongly recommend that all foreign materials like bird droppings, tree sap are carefully washed from your Mazda’s paintwork as soon as possible just to be absolutely sure. We don’t know exactly what some of these birds must be eating yet their droppings can be highly acidic and corrosive.


Fabric Protection

Got kids? Work vehicle? Seat covers (not everyone likes these and they must be of a type not to interfere with side-airbag occupant protection) and floor mats are a great idea yet to repels water, oil, spilt cool drink and other daily hazards our fabric treatment range will keep the interior of your vehicle looking new for much longer.


Leather, Trim and Vinyl Protection

This range of products treats and conditions these surfaces to protect against the sun, soiling and abrasion damage your vehicle experiences everyday.


Window Tinting

We have a range of top quality applied film products all of which are scratch resistance and warranted against peeling, fading and bubbling like no other. Protect your car, protect yourself – choose from darkest legal, impact resistant security film, Cancer Council approved film and others Enhance the look of your vehicle and improve privacy.

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